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Every day we encounter young people.  We encounter them as educators at schools, officers working the beat, pastors at church, volunteers, employers and professionals working for youth organizations.  As a result of these encounters, we often walk away feeling puzzled and with more questions than answers. Understanding our city's youth will require taking a deeper look at one of the answers – authentic Christ-sharing relationships.


Relationships with teens are hard to build and maintain, whether you are a person of faith or not. However, when authentic relationships are built, transformation begins.

The Good News:  You weren't meant to walk this journey alone.  We need to do this together.  We need to inform each others opinions, biases, and truths.  We need to expose and encourage.  We need to learn from each other.  Teacher to officer, employer to volunteer and person to person.  The more informed and authentic people that touch a young person's life the better!


Make no mistake about it, stepping into an authentic relationship with teens will feel uncomfortable. The question is are you willing and ready to get uncomfortable? If you are, we are ready to help encourage you in this conversation!

Why this day may look a little different than other “conferences” you have attended 

  • The facilitators will be providing a lot of space for your questions

  • You will dig deep and challenge yourself to think differently

  • We will not give you methods or formulas but a way of life that will forever change the way you share your faith

  • Your peers will teach you

  • You will hear from non-faith based partners who will have so much to offer to our learning

Who needs to come to Uncomfortable?

  • Any person or group of people who are looking for an authentic and an effective way to make a difference in the life of a young person

  • Any person who wants to begin the hard work of working alongside others who want to reach kids

  • Any person who is tired of watching their current programming not being as effective as they had hoped

  • Any person who loves to both share and learn

  • YOU!